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Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve

Bird populations are dropping, and scientists are trying to figure out why.

(Story runs from 14:18 – 19:55.)

Producer, Courtney Heaton; associate producer, Jess Bennett; scriptwriter & narrator, Stephen Kenney; Bob Gunter,  UNC-TV videographer & video editor; additional video courtesy Getty Images; Dr. Tom Linden, executive producer.



Hanging Rock State Park (hemlocks)

Climate change is leading to the death of hemlock trees in North Carolina and beyond.

Producers, Jayne Willard & Georgia Wieland-Stanford; lead videographer, video editor, scriptwriter & logistics, Emma Tobin; additional camera & drone footage, Bob Gunter; graphic artist, Daniel McCord; additional video courtesy Getty Images & Rob Nelson/USDA; executive producer, Dr. Tom Linden.

Crowders Mountain State Park

Crowders Mountain State Park is being loved to death.

Producers, Jaein Yoon & Olivia Petrocella; scriptwriter & narrator, Sarah Barr; videographers, Bob Gunter, Drew Stevens; second camera: Barr, Petrocella, Yoon; video editor, Alex Kim; executive producer, Dr. Tom Linden.

Merchants Millpond State Park (snakes)

Snakes are crucial to the health of Merchants Millpond.

Producers, Anne McDarris & Kate Johnson; scriptwriter & narrator, Riley Davis; videographers, Bob Gunter, Drew Stevens; second camera, Brian Batista, McDarris, Davis; video editor, Sarah Redmond; executive producer, Dr. Tom Linden.

Lake Waccamaw State Park (hydrilla)

How Lake Waccamaw got rid of the invasive aquatic plant hydrilla.

Producers, Matthew Alexander & Emily Apadula; scriptwriter & narrator, A.J. O’Leary; videographers, Bob Gunter & Drew Stevens; second camera: Alexander, O’Leary; video editor, Haley France; executive producer, Dr. Tom Linden.

South Mountains State Park

More than two years after a large fire, plants at South Mountains State Park are thriving.

Producer, Rob Gourley; associate producer, Kara Kochek; scriptwriter & narrator, Minali Nigam; cameras/video editors, Gourley & Bob Gunter; executive producer, Dr. Tom Linden; photographs courtesy of Amanda D. Lasley; additional video courtesy of Rahima Rahi.

Ginseng Poachers in NC State Parks

Ginseng grows in the forests of the Appalachian mountains, but poachers are stealing it.

Producer & narrator, Nez Covington; associate producers, Allie Miszewski & Raymond Tu; scriptwriter, Charlotte Harris; camera/video editor, Bob Gunter; additional video editing, Covington; executive producer, Dr. Tom Linden.

Pilot Mountain State Park

Drones help researchers and park officials get an accurate count of the deer population on Pilot Mountain.

Producer, Trent Brown; associate producers, Olivia Corriere & Lauren Glaze;  scriptwriter & narrator, Haley France; camera/video Editor, Bob Gunter; additional cameras, Brown & France; executive producer, Dr. Tom Linden.

Carvers Creek State Park

Staff at Carvers Creek State Park routinely burn pine forests to return the landscape to its natural state.

Producer, Mikaela Nerea Freundlich; scriptwriter & narrator, Jeremiah Murphy; camera/video editor, Bob Gunter, second camera, Murphy; executive producer, Dr. Tom Linden.

Merchants Millpond State Park (bats)

Researchers study whether or not Merchants Millpond State Park provides refuge from a fungal disease that is devastating bat populations.

Producer, Jed Higdon, associate producer: Tasmia Zaman, Scriptwriters, Lynn Tran, Higdon; narrator, Lynn Tran; camera/video editor: Bob Gunter; executive producer, Dr. Tom Linden.

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