Author: Isaac Klein

Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve

Bird populations are dropping, and scientists are trying to figure out why.

(Story runs from 14:18 – 19:55.)

Producer, Courtney Heaton; associate producer, Jess Bennett; scriptwriter & narrator, Stephen Kenney; Bob Gunter,  UNC-TV videographer & video editor; additional video courtesy Getty Images; Dr. Tom Linden, executive producer.



Hanging Rock State Park (hemlocks)

Climate change is leading to the death of hemlock trees in North Carolina and beyond.

Producers, Jayne Willard & Georgia Wieland-Stanford; lead videographer, video editor, scriptwriter & logistics, Emma Tobin; additional camera & drone footage, Bob Gunter; graphic artist, Daniel McCord; additional video courtesy Getty Images & Rob Nelson/USDA; executive producer, Dr. Tom Linden.

Crowders Mountain State Park

Crowders Mountain State Park is being loved to death.

Producers, Jaein Yoon & Olivia Petrocella; scriptwriter & narrator, Sarah Barr; videographers, Bob Gunter, Drew Stevens; second camera: Barr, Petrocella, Yoon; video editor, Alex Kim; executive producer, Dr. Tom Linden.

Merchants Millpond State Park (snakes)

Snakes are crucial to the health of Merchants Millpond.

Producers, Anne McDarris & Kate Johnson; scriptwriter & narrator, Riley Davis; videographers, Bob Gunter, Drew Stevens; second camera, Brian Batista, McDarris, Davis; video editor, Sarah Redmond; executive producer, Dr. Tom Linden.

Lake Waccamaw State Park (hydrilla)

How Lake Waccamaw got rid of the invasive aquatic plant hydrilla.

Producers, Matthew Alexander & Emily Apadula; scriptwriter & narrator, A.J. O’Leary; videographers, Bob Gunter & Drew Stevens; second camera: Alexander, O’Leary; video editor, Haley France; executive producer, Dr. Tom Linden.